TAI works. We guarantee it

If you want academic success for your child, TAI delivers better than anyone else. We use our 9+ years of experience of helping millions of students succeed to make sure your child masters core skills. No other tutoring system can guarntee outcomes!

With our Personalized success programs, we guarantee

Your TAI team will get to know your child to put together an education program that’s unique to his or her needs. Your child deserves the best. That’s why TAI uses a state-of-the-art assessment to make sure your child gets a completely personal program that will work for him or her

Your child will always have a true learning environment that ensures skill mastery. We know how to make sure sessions are motivating, effective and fun. Balancing instruction with an independent practice, we don’t stop until your son or daughter masters each concept

Your child will learn from leading support that aligns with national and IB core curriculum standards. Our education experts from Harvard, Stanford, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur and educators with many years of experience in curriculum and core skill development continually update our learning materials to meet today’s changing educational needs, and our curriculum is tailored to your child’s unique needs

Your child will demonstrate mastery of at least 50 skills in 50 hours of instruction because we’re as focused on results as you are. Skill mastery ensures your son or daughter is on the path to longer-term success. And we can show you exactly how your child is progressing at any time

What does all this mean?

With TAI, you’ll see your child’s confidence soar.

You’ll start to see more participation in the classroom. Homework time will get easier, and grades will improve. You’ll see your child’s smile, and ... You’ll know you made the right choice with TAI.

*The TAI Guarantee™ is available at participating locations only. The Guarantee applies only to TAI Math and TAI core skill development Programs for grades 3-12. Students must attend TAI tutoring sessions at least 2 hours per week and must complete 50 hours of instruction within 25 weeks in order to qualify for the Guarantee. See your local TAI for details.


Discover why students in our Personalized success programs typically see up to two to three times more growth in scores than other students

TAI Success coaching works in just 4 easy steps

  • Join a TAI Center

    Your nearest Success Coach will help you get started immediately.

  • Attend Weekend Sessions

    Weekly one hour to strengthen core learning skills and unlimited learning on TAI Superhereos App

  • Score higher in exams

    Get personalised & effective support tailored to your Child’s needs

  • Fun activities everyday

    Get exclusive online access on joining a TAI Center


So much advanced than experiencal learning. The focus on fundamental skills creates such a massive difference in student results. My students love TAI. I love TAI too.

— Ms Marianne Heikkikä Tikkurila High School in Vantaa, Finland

Next level design and we cannot keep students away from games. I am not only do it for our students but will help the team to reach out to every student who needs professional support.

— U.G. Reddy Principal,St.Joseph School,Hyderabad

Skill training is the most difficulty and much needed training. I reason we find so many struggling college students is lack of fundamental skills. TAI is able to solve these problems with their intelligent technical solutions which is a very unique and niche solutions. Proud to be associated with TAI

— Dr Ranjit Prasad Head of Department, NIT Jamshedpur

TAI doesn't let you give up. Even when you feel like there isn’t anybody there to support you, or nobody telling you 'you can do it...' They can help you out, and make you do great things.

— Rohan Sodawala Student, Trinity School

I don’t know where I would be without TAI. There were a lot of things that I didn't know I needed to know... I don’t know how I would have found out about them without TAI bringing it to my attention

— Malini Aggarwal Teacher, St. Marys High School