About Us

We are a movement on a mission to reinvent fun and excitement in learning and to help students master the complicated study topics and thus unleash the potential of the country as a whole. Join us on our mission to even the odds for the future generations, one genius at a time.


TAI is engineered for EXTREME academic success by a team of instructional design experts from Stanford, IIT Delhi, and IIT Kharagpur. TAI is all about stronger roots, i.e., the basic fundamental skills taken to a whole new level because we have proven again and again over the years while implementing in some of the best schools and universities across the world and turning thousands of struggling students into exam toppers, that when a student has a strong foundation, no obstacles or no barriers can stop him from achieving his dreams.


Our products cover the aspects that are vital attributes of human personality: Memorization & Retention, Mathematics, Logic & Concept understanding, and Life Skills

We bring joy to learning so that TAI students start performing in school like never before. No wonder, a huge number of class toppers love us!

We make no small plans. We believe that unleashing the maximum potential in every child is one of the highest leverage actions we as a society can take to build a better future. We won’t stop until every student in our country graduates with a clarity of concepts given not only in textbooks but also in real life and are ready to contribute to the world with the highest level of confidence. And the clock is ticking!! We have until 2030 (course of one generation) to make it happen. Join us, if you dare!!!



Started with a hope to make studies easy by a young college girl, it has taken over ten years of painstaking research work since 2012, on how children study and grasps concepts across the world and how can we use the internal and external simulations to create mental models that makes learning unbelievably fast and accurate for students worldwide.


Core Team

We are the souls dedicated to serving each child with the best of learning experience possible. Our team comprises of highly talented first-generation entrepreneurs from Harvard, Stanford, IIT Delhi and IIT Kharagpur with expertise in neuroscience research and artificial intelligence applications in personalized learning. Our team has worked very closely with Washington DC curriculum development board and Japan Government in the past to create curriculum modules. Our team has a record of setting up education centers/ master franchisees in various states/districts of India, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Swaziland and Nigeria.



Started with a hope to make studies easier by a fourteen year old school girl, it took us over ten years of painstaking research work since 2012 to build a curriculum that is so comprehensive that every single doubt of a student is cleared by the time he reaches the advanced levels but yet so simply designed that a student of fourth grade solves eleventh standard trigonometry problems and solve physics proofs without even realizing that he is doing something extraordinary! We help students discover those aspects of a subject which even adults would find as difficult to comprehend.


Our Impact

TAI brings enormous social and economic impact by ensuring fundamental skill development in students. We have impacted lives of over 100000 students and their families and turned many many struggling students into class toppers and their worried parents into proud parents. Our product has worked in the costliest schools and universities across the world and also in very poorest communities, we have worked with smartest children and also with students with severe learning disabilities, we have been recognised by lakhs of parents who have seen their children succeed and also by Ex US President Barack Obama in the White House in 2015. Have we created impact an? See for yourself.

2017 Report of TAI Training Results


We proved our business model and created thriving entrepreneurs over and over again. Yes, you heard it right! It was always the results that spoke for us and it is always going to be that way. In fact, most of our franchisees are either referred by an existing TAI franchisee or were a parent or staff who have seen the impact of TAI themselves. Our product and innovation has won several international awards for its contribution to education like

  • The prestigious 1776 Challenge Cup
  • Top ten innovations – Bases, Stanford
  • Fastest growing student entrepreneurship ventures – EO GSEA
  • Best product in technology & sustainable development – IIT Bombay
  • Entrepreneur of the year Award 2018 - World Education Summit
  • “Incredible Social Impact” - President Barack Obama in 2015


There are still millions who only dream of school. TAI is helping some of them realize this dream. This is a special initiative of TAI to meet its rural development initiative that supports free awareness camps, empowerment through skills training workshops and primary education in villages. 2% of our revenues from every source are used to fund TAI Social Yojna initiatives. You can be truly proud for making this happen. Start making an impact today!!!

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So much advanced than experiencal learning. The focus on fundamental skills creates such a massive difference in student results. My students love TAI. I love TAI too.

— Ms Marianne Heikkikä Tikkurila High School in Vantaa, Finland

Next level design and we cannot keep students away from games. I am not only do it for our students but will help the team to reach out to every student who needs professional support.

— U.G. Reddy Principal,St.Joseph School,Hyderabad

Skill training is the most difficulty and much needed training. I reason we find so many struggling college students is lack of fundamental skills. TAI is able to solve these problems with their intelligent technical solutions which is a very unique and niche solutions. Proud to be associated with TAI

— Dr Ranjit Prasad Head of Department, NIT Jamshedpur

TAI doesn't let you give up. Even when you feel like there isn’t anybody there to support you, or nobody telling you 'you can do it...' They can help you out, and make you do great things.

— Rohan Sodawala Student, Trinity School

I don’t know where I would be without TAI. There were a lot of things that I didn't know I needed to know... I don’t know how I would have found out about them without TAI bringing it to my attention

— Malini Aggarwal Teacher, St. Marys High School